Boult Audio Airbass Omega Review

Boult Audio Airbass Omega gives you great quality along with looks. If you are running, jogging, or working out in the gym, then along with this you feel the need for good earbuds to enjoy music or to have a conversation with someone on call. We have brought you one of the best earbuds.

We will discuss in detail these earbuds like sound quality, special features, touch screen, NC mode, etc. which will help us in buying the best earbuds. We will discuss it in detail. You get to see these earbuds in the shape of a capsule. In this, we get waterproof and a Type C type charging cable.

In the box of these earbuds, we get to see a warranty card, whose warranty is 1 year. These earbuds come with touch controls. If you play games, listen to music, and make calls, then these earbuds are going to be something special for everyone. Because it has some special features compared to other earbuds.

Boult Audio Airbass Omega Review

Boult Audio Airbass Omega Table





Sales Package1 Pair of Earbuds with Charging Case, Extra Pair of Eartips, Charging Cable, User Manual, Warranty Card
Other10 min charge = 100 min playtime



Boult Audio Airbass Omega Price

Its price in India is Rs 1499. This Ear World is available in three colors: Black, White, and Green. To buy it, you can purchase it from Amazon, Flipkart, or any shop.

Boult Audio Airbass Omega Review


The Boult Audio Airbass Omega comes with ANC that can cancel up to 30 dB. The company claims that ENC also manages to cancel out better sound quality. These earbuds come with gaming mode which includes Boom X’ bass boost mode and stop mode etc.

With 45-millisecond ultra-low latency. These earbuds offer up to 32 hours of playtime with ANC. Gives 7 to 8 hours of playtime on a single charge. And after charging for 10 minutes, it gives 100 minutes of playtime. In these earbuds, we get IPS 5 rating water resistance.

Type C type is seen in the air ward for charging. In this, we get 5.2 Bluetooth connectivity, and these earbuds come with touch control. Which helps us in making calls, listening to music, etc. The company gives us features like Google Assistant etc. These earbuds connect easily with Android and iOS.

Boult Audio Airbass Omega Review

Special feature

In Boult Audio Airbass Omega we get to see new features like Active Noise Cancellation, Environmental Noise Cancellation, and Gaming Mod. The company says that these earbuds give 32 hours of playtime when running with ANC.

These earbuds come with water water-resistant rating so that they do not get easily damaged while working out in the gym, running, or during the rainy season.

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Sound quality

These earbuds come with a sound base with a 13 mm driver. Due to this, there is a strong quality in listening to music. Four microphones have been provided, due to which crystal clear voice is heard during calls.

If you live in a noisy area or while driving in traffic, you will hear crystal clear sounds in calling and music. If you are fond of music then you will like these earbuds. I have been using it for a long time, I did not feel any problem in sound and bass during gaming. You can purchase these earbuds according to me.

Battery backup

These earbuds provide us with a great battery backup. If we listen to music without NC mode, we get 35 to 40 hours of battery backup.

If we keep listening to music at 70 to 80 percent volume, it provides us with a battery backup of 38 to 45 hours. Talking about earbuds, it gives us 7 to 8 hours of battery backup and 100 minutes of playtime on 10 minutes of charging.


Boult Audio Airbass Omega comes with an IPX 5 rating. Due to this, it does not get spoiled quickly due to light splashes of water, and sweat while working out in the gym, jogging, and running. It does not get spoiled even by a little splash of water.


These earbuds give us frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 2000 Hz.

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We get to see four mics in Boult Audio Airbass Omega. Two mics are provided in one of the earbuds so that the voice can be heard clearly while calling.

I liked it much better than One World. If you want to use this airport for calling, then it will be the best.

Boult Audio Airbass Omega Review


In this, we get to see 5.2 Bluetooth which is quite good. If you go 10-12 meters away from the phone while making a call or listening to music, the sound of your earbuds does not get cut and its connectivity remains intact.


If you like Boult Audio Airbass Omega, then you can buy it from Amazon, Flipkart, and any shop. I have been using these earbuds for a long time. These earbuds are medium in terms of sound base, whereas if you want to take it for calling then it is going to be best for you.

Before purchasing it, listen to music by putting it in your ears once. After that, if you like these earbuds in terms of sound, then you can purchase them. Our post will be of great help to you in giving information about this Air word.

If you want to get information about those earbuds then you can get complete information by visiting the link given by us. If you like the information given by us, then please tell us by commenting.

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