Boat Airdopes 161 ANC Review

Boat Airdopes 161 ANC Review: You get to see special features in these earbuds, which are going to be something special for the person buying these earbuds if you are fond of music. So this post is going to be something special for you, for this stay on our page.

If you want to buy the best TDS Airdopes under ₹ 2000, then this AirPods is going to be better for you. In this Airbuds, we are going to give you information about battery backup, sound quality new features, etc. These earbuds have created their own identity in the market which is better than other Airbuds.

In these earbuds, we are going to give complete details about the warranty card, touch screen, Bluetooth range, and method of use and we are going to give detailed information about them.

Boat Airdopes 161 ANC Review

Boat Airdopes 161 ANC Review Features Table

Tech Specs
NameAirdopes 161 ANC
Headphone TypeIn-Ear
CategoryWireless Earbuds
IPX RatingIPX5
Driver Size10mm*2
Music PlaytimeUp To 50 Hours
Battery capacity500mAh (Case), 35mAh*2 (Earbuds)
Beast ModeYes
ASAP ChargeYes
Full Charging TimeAbout 1.5 hours
Bluetooth Range10m
CompatibilityAll Bluetooth Devices
Net Quantity1 Unit
Charging InterfaceType C
Country Of OriginChina
[Boat Airdopes 161 ANC Review]

Boat Airdopes 161 ANC Design

The boAt Airdopes 161 ANC is a pair of truly wireless earbuds with a stem design. Furthermore, they are made of large polycarbonate and are lightweight. In terms of colors, the earbuds are designed in black, white, and blue, along with a matching color pocket-friendly case.

These earbuds come with soft-silicone earcups for a better fit, have a polycarbonate finish, and are lightweight. Additionally, the colors match the boots, which are painted black, white, and blue along with a pocket-friendly case.

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Boat Airdopes 161 ANC Features

Boat Airdopes 161 ANC Review

boAt Airdopes 161 TWS feature 10mm dynamic drivers that are loaded with deep bass. These earbuds have high-quality sound and also have touch controls to play/pause music, accept/discard calls, or activate the voice assistant.

Apart from that, it has an IPX5 rating which protects these big ones from splashes and splashes. Additionally, boAt has included the IWPTM feature that instantly connects the Big One to the latest case as soon as the case lid is opened.

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This Airbuds provides you with a warranty card, whose warranty is given for 12 months. If there is any problem with your earbuds, then we can use the warranty as per the warranty card given within 12 months. In these earbuds you get a charging cable, its type is C type.

Its shape is made of metal, its finishing is excellent and it can be easily kept in our pocket due to which we do not face any inconvenience in carrying it from one place to another. And if your budget is up to ₹2000 then my suggestion is for this earbud, which gives you better features than other earbuds and the sound quality is amazing. [Boat Airdopes 161 ANC Review]

You can get it from Amazon, Flipkart, or any shop of your choice. This airbuds is a touchscreen earbuds. This gives a special convenience, these earbuds are waterproof. We do not see any problem with it due to sweat caused by our workout and rain.

Talking about the microphone, we get to see a lot of microphones in it due to which we get to see the movement of clear sound. The charging cable is of Type C type. In this, we get 4 microphones. Talking about drive unit size, it gives us a 10 mm drive unit size. The maximum Bluetooth range is 10 meters.

Talking about the lowest frequency, it is 20 Hz. And the highest frequency is 20000 Hz. Features like sound, battery backup, warranty, Bluetooth range, touch screen, microphone, frequency, etc. make it something special, which is much better than other AirPods.

If we talk about its battery backup, it gives us great battery backup with fast charging mode. In this, we get to see ANC of 32 dB, which cancels up to 50% ANC noise. 50 ms low latency with gaming mode. Charging with a 5-watt charger takes 1 hour 40 minutes and if we charge the earbuds, they get fully charged in 30 minutes. [Boat Airdopes 161 ANC Review]

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Battery backup

Boat airdrops 161 comes with a 400mAh battery. And talking about earbuds, it comes with a 35 mAh battery. It provides great battery backup, it gives us about 42 hours of battery backup, I have seen it myself, these earbuds running at 80% volume give us 35 to 42 hours of battery backup.

Talking about fast charging mode, it gives us 150 minutes of battery backup in 10 minutes, which is much more than other AirPods. If we talk about their air buds, once they are fully charged, they give us 6 to 7 hours of battery backup. Which makes this Airbuds different from other Airbuds.

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If you need battery backup for a longer time then you should not keep your AirPods charging for a longer time. Your battery gets exhausted only when you start charging it, otherwise charging the battery for a long time can cause the battery to swell and even burst.

Therefore we should use charging only when the charge is exhausted.

Touch Screen

Boat Airdopes 161 ANC Review

Earbuds come with a touch screen, which allows us to receive calls or end calls, and pause or turn on music, which is a very good feature, which fulfills our needs in modern life as well as gives a new dimension. [Boat Airdopes 161 ANC Review]


This ear comes with a Bluetooth weight of 5.3 in the world. The Bluetooth range of these air buds is quite good.


We get 1-year warranty on Boat airdrops 161 so in case there is any problem with our earbuds and any feature is not working properly, we can use 1-year warranty.


In this, we do not see double connectivity. In this, we are not given volume control with touch control. Which was an inconvenience for me.

Call quality

I found the call experience to be very good, the call transmission sound is audible and it reduces the external noise, which increases the call quality. I found this earbud to be the best for calling, while I found the sound base to be medium.

Four microphones have been used during calling, which improves the calling quality. If you take this earbud for calling, then this earbud is the best. It is going to be the best according to the price.

How to use

Boat Airdopes 161 ANC Review

To play and pause music, we have to make a single tap. And if you double tap, the music goes next and back. Double tapping the right earbuds plays music next and double tapping the left earbuds plays music back.

To reject a call, one has to double-tap on either of the two earbuds. If you press and hold the earbuds for 3 seconds, ANC mode becomes active. [Boat Airdopes 161 ANC Review]

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You can purchase this gaming mod as the ANC mode is active and the sound base is quite good. Talking about the price, I liked it quite well depending on the price, I did not like other earbuds at such a low price because they give good quality with good features at a low price which makes it special from others.

This article gives you complete information about its price, quality, battery backup, and other features so that you get complete information while purchasing it. You can buy it as per your budget. If you like our article, then do tell us by commenting.

If you get help from the information given by then it will be good for us and if you are facing any other problem related to air buds, then you can go to the link given by us, detailed information about its solution has been given in other posts. [Boat Airdopes 161 ANC Review]

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