Muze Ripple TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Muze Ripple TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Review: If you want to find the highest quality Bluetooth earbuds that are a little cheaper then stay tuned to our page. We have brought one of the best earbuds for you. These earbuds are going to be a game changer with the latest technology. Which costs less than $20.

Talking about the case of earbuds, it increases the charging capacity four times like a power bank. Since its launch, Ultimate TV Two Arbud has gained a lot of traction in the market. Today we are going to give complete information about them.

Muze Ripple TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Key Features of Muze Ripple TWS Bluetooth Earbuds

  • Its weight is 0.3 pounds.
  • It is available in two colors: black and white
  • Producing country china
  • Connectivity Bluetooth

Muze Ripple TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Review

I have been using this Airbus for quite some time now. According to my personal view and opinion, I liked it very much. We are going to give detailed information about its build quality, and design features, and discuss their advantages and disadvantages so that it can help you in choosing a suitable earbuds.

Build quality

Talking about the build quality of Muze Ripple TWS Bluetooth Earbuds, it is an impressive earbuds. It maintains a strong grip on your hands. The finish gives a premium look.

The charging case especially stands out due to its sturdy structure. The earbuds are light and not flimsy. Due to the glossy finish on the earbuds, they may be prone to smudges and fingerprints. [Muze Ripple TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Review]


These earbuds are made with stylish design and modernity. Their shape fits our ears. Due to this, we feel pleasant and comfortable. They come with touch controls so that we can comfortably adjust the volume and answer calls with our fingers.


Have been using Muze Ripple TWS Bluetooth Earbuds for a long time. Its sound features are what you feel while listening to music and calling, we discuss them specifically.

Sound quality

These earbuds deliver exceptional sound quality with clear sound, clear mids, crisp highs, and punchy bass. Whether you are listening to music or taking a call it provides you a pleasant audio experience.

Touch control

We get to see different touch-sensitive controls on different earbuds, allowing you to easily control your music playback and volume, summon your favorite voice assistant, and answer or reject calls.

Comes with Bluetooth connectivity 5.0 which lets you easily connect with your device. This reduces the lag in connectivity with your device. When you use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, it gets connected to the last device it was connected to.

Voice Assistant Integration

These earbuds are equipped with Google Assistant support which is successful in providing hands-free facility to your device without any reminder. [Muze Ripple TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Review]

Battery life

Muze Ripple TWS Bluetooth Earbuds provide you with a good battery life once fully charged giving us up to 4 hours of play time. Apart from the charging case, it gives us 16 hours of play time which frees you from the hassle of charging again and again. And helps in enjoying music.


These earbuds give us a pleasant experience along with comfort, which is known for the fitting design of the case. In these, we get three ear tips which we can set according to the size of our ears, which makes our ears feel comfortable and pleasant while traveling long distances so that we can listen to music or call for a longer time. One does not have to face any problem of pain etc. during this period.

IPX4 rating

We get these earbuds with an IPX4 rating, which makes them resistant to sweat and water splashes. It proves helpful for us in workouts and heavy activities. Provides support to protect the earbuds from moisture.

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  • Good premium look and stylish design
  • Easy touch controls and navigation
  • IPX4 protection against water and sweat
  • Voice assistant
  • Good battery life with charging case


  • Frequent scratch marks in earbuds
  • No ANC [Muze Ripple TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Review]

Final call

Muze Ripple TWS Bluetooth Earbuds are good earbuds for those who want to buy stylish earbuds. It caters to audio quality and user convenience. I believe that these earbuds strike a good balance between price and performance. Whether you are using it for a workout or calling.


These earbuds provide you a good quality earbuds with special features, sound quality, touch control, voice assistant integration, battery backup, premium looking and stylish design with IPS rating, charging case, and good battery life.

The final decision will be yours, if you want to purchase these earbuds then you can get them from Amazon, Flipkart, or any of those shops. While buying earbuds, check their price because it keeps changing with time.

If you want to get information about any other earbuds or want any suggestions regarding any problem related to it, then you can get the information by visiting the link given by us. [Muse Ripple TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Review]

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