Boat Airdrops Flex 454 ANC Review

Boat Airdrops Flex 454 ANC Review If you want to buy high-quality Bluetooth earbuds or want to get information, then you stay on our page because we will describe in detail such earbuds which will give you a reasonable price, comfortable design, and best features.

Boat Airdrops Flex 454 ANC Review

In this you get to see new features that are not there in other earbuds, in these earbuds, you get Google Assistant mode. It is capable of canceling external noise and is going to be an important earbud for you in the world of music.

I am going to understand you in detail about it with my personal experience. Before taking it, you should understand its merits and demerits and only then purchase it.

Boat Airdrops Flex 454 ANC Pros and Cons Table

Ingress protection (IP) ratingIPX5
Has no wires or cables
Sweat resistance
Has active noise cancellation (ANC)
Has passive noise reduction
Driver unit size10mm
Battery life6h
Has an ambient sound mode54h
Charge time1h
Has found earbuds feature
Has in/on-ear detection
Has found earbuds feature
Supports fast charging
Multipoint count2
Has a mute function
Number of microphones4
Has a noise-canceling microphone

Boat Airdrops Flex 454 ANC Review and Research

Boat Airdrops Flex 454 ANC established its dominance in the world of audio technology with heavy competition. It is available in white color. Talking about its price, it comes to around Rs 1999.

I have been using it for a long time. According to my personal opinion, I liked these earbuds very much. Talking about its construction design, it gives you a good price. It gives a good look and also because of its medium size, it can be easily carried.

Boat Airdrops Flex 454 ANC Review

Talking about its case, the lid of its case does not close easily when opened. To close it, it has to be closed by hand. Birds do not run out of caches easily. Due to magnets, they stick inside the case. Pros Cons Birds are not very large in weight and size.

These earbuds come with Active Noise Cancellation technology which is capable of canceling up to 32GB of external noise. If you are stuck in traffic, the horn protects you from noise and heavy environmental noise and helps you enjoy clear sound.

In this, you get to see these air detection systems which automatically stop or restart the engine. Along with convenience, it saves battery life and the battery can work for a long time. The company has designed it keeping in mind the convenience of the user.

Which has an ergonomic shape and fits well in your ears. Comes in three sizes of silicone and tips that secure a custom fit. It comes with an IPX rating which makes it resistant to sweat and water during all activities. You can use it while working out, running, and jogging in the gym without worrying about any damage.

Touch controls are seen on both the earbuds which enable you to pause your music, answer calls, increase or decrease the volume, and easily interact with the voice assistant. This Vote Smart Tote feature allows you to accept or reject calls with voice commands just like you can cancel calls by giving voice commands when you are traveling somewhere on a bike. [Boat Airdrops Flex 454 ANC Review]

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New Features and Features

The Boat AirDrops Flex 454 NC charging case comes with a matte finish and battery indicator. In this, you get Type C support. Which is capable of fast charging and you do not need to charge for a long time. The battery capacity of the case is 600 mah.

Boat Airdrops Flex 454 ANC Review

The earbuds with ANC offer a playback time of up to 45 hours and this increases to 7 hours with ANC off so you can use it for days without charging. These earbuds offer 32dB noise canceling as well as excellent call quality. In this, you get to see four microphones.

Which makes the sound clear and noise-free. In this, you get to see 10 mm dynamic drivers. The earbuds are sturdy and crystalline which provides a good listening experience. It is for those who enjoy listening to music.

In this, you get a lot of advanced features that provide facilities like NC mode, EQ preset, touch control, changing settings, etc. When your earbuds are on the go, Up provides you with a tracking feature that helps you navigate to your earbuds.

Boat Airdrops Flex 454 ANC Review

Gaming mode

The Boat Airdrops Flex 454 ANC also features BEASTTM, delivering low latency and audio lag of just 60 milliseconds. [Boat Airdrops Flex 454 ANC Review]

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Pros and cons


  • ANC is capable of canceling external noise
  • Good sound quality in all music genres
  • Good battery backup that lasts for days on a single charge
  • touch control
  • Resetting touch control settings via the app
  • clear call quality
  • Low latency mode for gaming
  • Stylish and comfortable design


  • Oversize charging case
  • Minor bugs in the app
  • price increase
  • Sound caused by accidental touch control trigger
  • Has Dolby Atmos no
  • Has a neodymium magnet no
  • Has apex adaptive no

Final call

In conclusion, the Boat Airdrops Flex 454 ANC is a good earbud as well as a champion in its field. With noise cancellation, top-notch sound quality, and a host of features, it is at its best to serve music lovers, gamers, and anyone who wants uninterrupted audio sound.

If you are looking for a good airport which is worth your money then you can purchase this airport, I have been using it for a long time. I did not find any problem with it, you can get it from Amazon, Flipkart, and any of those shops.

I hope you found this information of mine appropriate. If you have any problem then please tell us in the comment below and to see other information you can get it by visiting our new page. [Boat Airdrops Flex 454 ANC Review]

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