TWS Truke Buds Q1 Plus Review Easy Way

TWS Truke Buds Q1 Plus Review: If you are working out in the gym, playing games, studying or doing any other work, then you may need good earbuds. So that you can enjoy talking and listening to music while working.

Today we are going to give you information about a good Ear World at a low price. This post will be of great help to you. Due to this you are going to get good quality, clear sound and quality at a low price. Truke Buds Q1 Plus Earbuds have a very attractive look. It has good sound quality. Comes with a nice box, which can be easily kept in the pocket.

There is quite a good battery backup and the sound is clear. TWS Truke Buds Q1 Plus Earbuds is a touch screen earbuds.It gets charged in less time. These earbuds are long-lasting. In a difficult life, people have to face many problems, due to which there remains tension in the mind.

If we feel uncomfortable in our life, then we should enjoy our life by listening to music, which makes our life much simpler. Today we will share the review of Truke Buds Q1 Plus Earbuds, from which you will get information about the problems faced by those Earbuds and the good features available. [TWS Truke Buds Q1 Plus Review]

TWS Truke Buds Q1 Plus Review

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Battery Backup of TWS Truke Buds Q1 Plus Review

TWS Truke Buds Q1 Plus Review

Truke Buds Q1 Plus provides you with a very good battery backup so that you can listen to songs while working out, while working in the gym while listening to music while traveling and while talking to someone. If your Earbuds battery capacity is good then you can use it for a long time. You can take advantage of it till.

Earbuds provide 70 to 80 hours of battery backup, so that you get rid of the problem of frequent charging. It gets fully charged in a very short time, so that you do not need to charge it again and again.

There are many types of Earbuds available in the market but these Earbuds provide you good battery backup at a low price. Due to this you save money over time.

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Quality of TWS Truke Buds Q1 Plus Review

In this you get to see much stronger quality than other Earbuds. These Earbuds look quite attractive. It provides you with very good strong quality at a low price.

Touch screen as well as waterproof earbuds. Due to this there is no harm from sweat while going to the gym and working out. In this, a 1-year warranty is given by the company. Double connectivity is provided in it. I have been using Truke Buds Q1 Plus Earbuds for a long time and I am not facing any problem with it. You can also benefit by using it.

If you also want to receive it, then you can receive it from Amazon, Flipkart any shop etc. In this, you get strong bass quality. Due to this the pleasure of listening to music feels different. In this you get a Type C charging cable. In this, you get a hook to tie it.

Which you can later keep in a shirt, tie, coat etc. You get Truke branding on its box. In this you get a charging LED indicator. Due to the presence of magnets in the box, it remains stuck so that it does not fall when shaken. It does not fall from your ears while roaming or working out in the gym. It fits very well in your ears.

So that you can wear it for a long time. If we talk about its touch controls here, we get play and pause for songs. If you touch the left Earbuds three times, the music plays back and if you touch the right Earbuds three times, the gaming mode is activated.

To receive a call, we touch it once and if we want to disconnect the call, we touch it once, which disconnects our call. It takes 2 hours to get fully charged once. Truke Buds Q1 Plus Earbuds provide 500 Mah battery backup.

Magnetic charging is provided at the bottom in both the Earbuds. Dual microphones are provided in the single Earbuds and a total of 4 microphones are provided in both. In this you get to see a very good output song. If you don’t take both earbuds out of the box, they won’t connect to the phone. For this we have to take out both earbuds from the box. After that Bluetooth mode is turned on. Also in this you get single mono mode so that you can take single-ear sound in it. [TWS Truke Buds Q1 Plus Review]

TWS Truke Buds Q1 Plus Review

Sound quality

If we take it to listen to music, its sound is very good. It has a 12 mm driver advanced bass, which is much better than other Earbuds.

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Number of microphones

Compared to other models, the microphone is provided with an advanced setup, which provides clear voice contribution and does not allow external noise during calls. In this, the number of microphones in both airports is given as 4.

Audio latency

In this model we get a very low audio latency of 45m. Due to this the sound does not get cut off while listening to music or making calls.

Bluetooth version

In this we get the latest Bluetooth version 5.3 which is a better Bluetooth device than other devices. Due to this we do not face any sound problems while calling and listening to music. If the Bluetooth version is below 5, the sound starts getting cut off when it goes too far from the phone, which causes a lot of problems.

Battery life

This model gives us 70 hours of battery life which we do not need to recharge again and again, this is much better than other models. [TWS Truke Buds Q1 Plus Review]]

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If you want to buy new Earbuds then reading this article will help you a lot. In this we have given complete information about these Earbuds. Which gives you a detailed description of its quality, latest Bluetooth version, battery life, and better audio quality.

If you like this post of ours, please let us know by commenting. If you are facing any problem related to Earbuds, then go to our given link and its detailed solution is given in other posts. According to my experience, I liked this Ear World very much based on sound base. If you are fond of listening to music then these Earbuds will be very special for you because it has strong quality. [TWS Truke Buds Q1 Plus Review]

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